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No Respect — Discography

No Respect was a German ska punk band founded in Gottingen. They broke up in early 2008 and gave on April 12, their farewell concert. The band was founded around the year 1994 in Gottingen from the remnants of a homonymous hardcore punk band. The reason for the musical change was the desire of the band members to develop musically and to break new ground. In addition to the punk-rock instruments, a trumpet and the first saxophone were added to the founding cast and the band began playing Ska-Punk. After a short time, they decided to use a trombone. After four released albums (Excuse my Smile, Tunes of Decline, Confidence, Unadjusted) No Respect for 2008 have announced their dissolution. In 2012, the band played on the 30th anniversary of the Youth Center Downtown (Juzi).
Musically, No Respect is classified in the area of  Ska-Punk. Often their songs are heavily influenced by their hardcore punk roots. Many songs are completely from the musical field of Ska. Older recordings and releases are noticeably quieter, with the years increasingly rough elements returned to the music of No Respect. The band itself describes their music as «Offbeatlastigen Punk Rock mit Blasern».
The texts deal mainly with the joys and sorrows of everyday life, work, love, celebrations and often socio-critical issues such as anti-racism, criticism of existing conditions and resistance to state authorities.
Most of the lyrics are by Chris, but there are also a few cover versions of old soul and punk classics in the repertoire. Influences of the musicians are primarily classical punk rock of the 70s and 80s, music of the two-tone era and their rougher successors. No Respect were one of the first bands to take up development in Germany. B. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones had kicked off. Their first album Excuse My Smile is therefore considered a pioneer and impetus for the music of many other band.

Artist: No Respect
Album: Excuse My Smile
Genre: Ska-Punk
Year: 2000
Country: Germany, Gottingen
Playtime: 00:48:07
Size: 88,16 MB
Quality: 256 kbps
01. What I Call Life
02. Excuse My Smile
03. Human Scum
04. Lose It All
05. Anarchy
06. Black And White World
07. Nowhere To Run
08. Reason And Desire
09. Statement
10. Good Old Days
11. Before I Go
12. Judge And Jury
13. No Nazi’s Friend
14. 16 Tons

Artist: No Respect
Album: Tunes of Decline
Genre: Ska-Punk
Year: 2000
Country: Germany, Gottingen
Playtime: 00:45:20
Size: 62,31 MB
Quality: 192 kbps
01. She Changed Her Mind
02. Bad Joke
03. Hate the World
04. Could Care Less
05. Brainwashed
06. Talk About Rebellion
07. Take A Look Around
08. Madness and Normality
09. Newer Slow Down
10. Cheap Talk
11. Back Home in Derry
12. Tune of Decline

Artist: No Respect
Album: Confidence
Genre: Ska-Punk
Year: 2002
Country: Germany, Gottingen
Playtime: 00:43:29
Size: 79,69 MB
Quality: 256 kbps
01. One Out Of Five
02. Inside The Fence
03. Subculture
04. A Kick In The Balls
05. We Stand Alone
06. Hold On
07. It’s Up To Us
08. A Million Lies
09. Confidence
10. Rebel Heart
11. Price To Pay
12. The Tarriers
13. Rosen Auf Den Weg Gestreut (Bonus Track)

Artist: No Respect
Album: Unadjusted
Genre: Ska-Punk
Year: 2005
Country: Germany, Gottingen
Playtime: 01:26:15
Size: 132,79 MB
Quality: 226 VBR kbps
01. One out of five
02. Lose it all
03. Black & white world
04. Subculture
05. Struck my heart
06. Human scum
07. What i call life
08. How much longer
09. She changed her mind
10. It’s up to us
11. Make it work
12. Hold on
13. No nazis friend
14. Confidence
15. Do they owe us a living
16. Take a stand
17. Semira
18. Rude & wild
19. Resistance
20. Prison planet
21. Nothing less
22. Chances
23. Salute
24. Unadjusted