Rolamento Atomico — Discography

Genre: Hardcore / Crossover / Thrash Metal
Country: Brazil

The band has Victor no Baixo who joined the band to overcome the depression after the loss of their chickens and who is now with us headbanging and spreading lice everywhere. Felipe on drums plays a lot too bad that the exaggerated size of his nose is hitting the plate and ends up hindering his performance.
On vocals Kalleby, who joined the band after she was formed because she is friends with the guys and enjoyed the music so much and didn’t want to and doesn’t have the money to spend on tickets to the future events that she will play, so the best way to go to it was by entering. On the guitar there’s an Eliseu means Eliza … I don’t know, I think it’s Elias … that’s probably the name, he sends some skate maneuvers and looks at the guy to see if we saw him, and when we don’t see it he always gets it right.

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Rolamento Atomico — 2017 — EPrengue

Year: 2017
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 53,79 MB
01. Orelha
02. Repressão
03. Sabemos a Verdade
04. Possuido Pelo Dinheiro
05. Vida Cinzenta
06. Skatista Gralha
07. Porquinhos da Índia Comedores de Bolacha Crean crack
08. Vida de Skate
09. Rolamento Atômico
10. Ensaio feat. Mukura
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Rolamento Atomico — 2021 — So Fast, So Good, So Gralha

Year: 2021
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 36,96 MB
01. Intro & Jerry
02. Bulimia
03. Fliperamaniax
04. Pequenas Igrejas, Grandes Negócios
05. Vingança Mortal do Jaraqui
06. Máfia do Açaí
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