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Fourth In Line — Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: USA

Fourth In Line is an American Hardcore Punk band from La Habra, California, formed in 1996. The band went through a few line up changes when they first started but stabilized themselves with Christopher Griffith (lead vocals), Troy Bootow (guitar, backing vocals), Eric Bootow (bass guitar, backing vocals), Eric Lopez (drums, backing vocals) and Jeremy Votaw (guitar, backing vocals). Before breaking up in 2002, Fourth In Line self released several demos as well as releasing one full length studio album, Open Wide (1999).

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Fourth In Line — 1999 — Open Wide

Year: 1999
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 57.34 MB
01. Live Your Own Life
02. My Thoughts
03. Distort
04. Feeling the Pain
05. Tonight
06. Religion Killing Policy
07. Change of Focus
08. Lies
09. I Am Something
10. Feeling the Pain*
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