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FC Five — Discography

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Country: Japan


FC Five started off back in early 2000, consisting of Tomy [Vocals], Hiroto [Guitar], Kousuke [Bass] and Kim [Drums]. They drew inspiration from other bands such as STRIFE and UNBROKEN, which influenced a more hardcore and metallic side of FC Five. But throughout the years they have been known to incorporate a more melodic feel into the high speed and energy filled hardcore that many have to come to know as FC Five. FC Five prefers to be described more specifically as Japanese Spazzcore with hints of hardcore, punk rock, emo and metal.

Their long, sweaty and energetic shows are a testament to their music ideals, as all the members believe in rocking out on stageand having fun. They have released their own demo in 2001 which has been over 2000 copies. In early 2002, their very first EP has been come out under Gods Child Music. Over 1000 copies has been sold in a short period of time. In June 2003, Japan label 1138 records has released their full-length album which is very good in selling as well. Moreover, the first EP has been re-released after running out of stock by Gods Child Music. The record on selling keeps breaking into a new high.

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FC Five — 2007 — Super Bloom

Year: 2007
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 76,76 MB
01. Dawn Break
02. A Thousand Shams
03. Memories
04. Super Bloom
05. Stolen Things
06. Voice Spread Wide
07. Easy Sentiments
08. Ash
09. Disengaged Propaganda
10. The Midnight Sun
11. Eclipse
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FC Five — 2009 — Dandelions Blues

Year: 2009
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 32,27 MB
01. Never Say Good-night
02. Tne Ruin Of Eye
03. Some Apologies
04. Generations
05. Crime
06. In The Dark
07. Screaming For Change
08. Dandelions Blues
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FC Five — 2012 — The Anthems

Year: 2012
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 73,97 MB
01. Enter -The end of the final countdown-
02. Evolve
03. Strange days
04. Never say good night
05. New greed
06. A thousand shams
07. Jaded (feat. Aaron Bedard)
08. Super bloom
09. Cowards (feat. Nick Horsnell)
10. Dawn break
11. Eclipse (feat. Kenzo)
12. My strife
13. Generations
14. Stolen things (feat. Chris McLane)
15. Change sorrow into rage
16. Truth has gone (feat. Yuri and Kenzo)
17. Watching the sky
18. The man who killed the world (feat. Zack Jordan)
19. Dandelions blues
20. Come to an end
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