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Intensity — Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: Sweden

The traditions of hardcore-punk, with their roots in the early American 1980’s, are kept alive by Intensity. Their way of expression is compressed, concise and focused to the level where few, if any, are left untouched. Traces of influentials such as Minor Threat, 7 Seconds and Youth of Today are beating and kicking their way out of the speakers, while there is also a feel of both darker and more moshing acts like Deep Wound, Infest and Siege. Strange ideological symbioses and a massive commercialization of the scene have robbed this subculture of a substantial part of its original dynamic and revolutionary feeling. Intensity, however, refuses to be a part of that pale mainstream-version of the punk-scene. Here the vibrant notion of energy, engagement and honesty is reborn and the music once again exists as the cultural weapon it once was. Intensity new record, «The Ruins Of Our Future» is no exception to that rule, although it’s pretty unique in the fact that lyrics are written in three different languages.

Since their debut on the compilation «This Is Bad Taste» in November 1996, Intensity have continuously released material. Bad Taste Records have released two full-length albums, which have been licensed to Poland and Belgium respectively on cassette and vinyl. In the U.S. Six Weeks has released a 7″. Rodrigo Alfaro also has his own label Putrid Filth Conspiracy, which of course has been one of the channels through which they have spread their music. Tommas joined the band when the previous drummer Simon quit, about one and a half years ago. Soon after that Mattias joined on second guitar. Rodrigo (vocals) stays busy with his many bands and his small independent record label Putrid Filth Conspiracy.

Intensity — 1996 — Bought And Sold

Year: 1996
Quality: mp3, VBR 280 kbps
Size: 37.02 MB
01. Silenced
02. Backstabber
03. Inside Our Minds
04. Fed Up
05. Fist Hidden Fear
06. Un Mundo Mejor
07. Eroticise Equality
08. Make Sure
09. Some Friends
10. Still There
11. What Gives You The Right
12. Lame Excuses
13. You Complain
14. Civilization
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Intensity — 1998 — Wash Off The Lies

Year: 1998
Quality: mp3, VBR 246 kbps
Size: 38.90 MB
01. Conform
02. Silence = Consent
03. In A Country Far Away
04. Unheard & Unspoken
05. Direct Your Anger
06. Who’s The Consumer
07. Take It Back
08. Expectations
09. Overdose
10. Camps Of Extinction
11. Walls Of Fear
12. I Resign
13. Words
14. Two Way Street
15. Regrets
16. Resist Control
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Intensity — 2001 — The Ruins Of Our Future

Year: 2001
Quality: mp3, VBR 265 kbps
Size: 40.55 MB
01. Ruins
02. Stress, Arbete, Angest
03. R. P. F. O.
04. Twenty-Four Years
05. The Cycle Is Complete
06. By The Throat
07. Amounts To Nothing
08. Torn Apart
09. Förberedelsen
10. Canto A La Muerte
11. Towers And Tunnels
12. Cut To Fit
13. As We Fall Down
14. Rebelde Y Vagabundo
15. Fields Lie Fallow
16. In The Distance
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