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From Plan To Progress — Discography

Genre: Melodic Hardcore / Skate Punk
Country: England, Brighton

From Plan To Progress are a melodic hardcore band based in sunny Brighton town U.K and formed from school friends all with a mutual love of sing along punk. Their new album ‘Ink Stains & Incidents’ recorded at Holne Bridge studios {by peter miles} which was released on Fond Of Life /No Reason Records in June 2010. The album sees the band take on a more mature sound, it has more technical riffs & powerful choruses whilst not losing the bands original late 90’s skate punk influences. The album has already secured the band several European record contracts as well as endorsements including Blackstar Amplification and a uk publishing deal with Bomber Music Ltd.

Since releasing the album they have extensively toured the UK, Europe & Russia selling out venues with bands including, Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Strung Out, H2O, Against All Authority and This Is A Standoff. The band has also shared the stage with bands such as The Blackout, Shook Ones, The King Blues, Frank Turner, Riverboat Gamblers, Fake Problems and many more.

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From Plan To Progress — 2005 — Bombs, Towns And Chords (EP)

Year: 2005
Quality: mp3, VBR 251 kbps
Size: 14,10 MB
01. Whitney Houston We Have A Prob
02. We Have Too Much Of Everything
03. Some People Think Long Song Titles Are Pretentious But I Quite Like Them
04. Bombs, Towns and Chords
05. Running For Their Lives Again
06. Friendly Combinations


From Plan To Progress — 2008 — Evolution In The Wrong Direction

Year: 2008
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 62,41 MB
01. There’s A Fine Line Between Epic And Pretentious
02. Immersed
03. Global Reaction
04. Running For Their Lives Again
05. So Which Prefix Core Do You Pretend To Listen To This Week?
06. It Could Have Been Me
07. The Times Are Changing
08. A Look Over (Album Version)
09. Whitney Houston We Have A Problem
10. So Give It Up
11. Hope Of The Abandoned
12. The Last Destroyer


From Plan To Progress — 2010 — Ink Stains & Incidents

Year: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 110,18 MB
01. Product of the Past
02. Detached
03. MMV
04. This Gig Has Electric Shock Written All over It
05. Departed
06. I
07. Audi Alteram Partem
08. No Need for Transparency
09. Functional Malfunctions Functioning Functions
10. Patriotism vs. Nationalism: The Short Straw Drawn Is Closest to the Drink
11. II
12. Ink Stains & Incidents
13. The Acceptance of Fate
14. A Turn for the Worse
15. A Promise to Disperse
16. III
17. Curtain Call