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Deafness By Noise — 2023 — Dial N For Noize

Year: 2023
Genre: Punk Rock
Country: Croatia
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 90.63 MB
Site: Facebook
Support: Bandcamp
01. Here We Go Again (Feat. Evan McLellan)
02. Strike The Match And Blow (Feat. Scotty Perry)
03. Zero The Clock (Feat. Smud, BiG Erv)
04. Better Than Lonely (Feat. D. Shimek)
05. Chained ‘N’ Bound
06. Overrun
07. Dial »N« For Noize! (Feat. Chris Ian)
08. Plain Vanilla (Feat. Evan McLellan)
09. Loud Fast Rulez
10. Silence Is The Enemy (Feat. Manuel North)
11. I Wanna Destroy You (Soft Boys Cover Song) (Feat. Scotty Perry)
12. Who Cares (Feat. Dubioza Kolektiv)
13. Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution (Tracy Chapman Cover Song)
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