Buck Wild — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Pop Punk
Country: USA

Originally starting out as a side-project for Lagwagon guitarist/ vocalist Shawn Dewey, Buck Wild didn’t stray too far from the sound of driving, melodic punk in which his full-time gig was know for; but the intentions remained as being just a party band, no pressure. Along with his friend Dave taking the up the drums, Buck Wild began with a number of line-up changes and a 1995 EP entitled Little Punch You In The Ear, courtesy of Lobster Records.

Following their first full-length Beat Me Silly released the following year, Buck Wild became a serious band after Dewey’s departure from Lagwagon; something in which gave BW time to tour Europe in 1997. Eventually settling down with Dave moving to guitar, Brian on drums and Thom on bass, the permanent line-up resulted in their second album Full Metal Overdrive in 1999, before calling it quits not long after it’s release.

Buck Wild — 1995 — Little Punch You In The Ear (EP)

Year: 1995
Quality: mp3, 160 kbps
Size: 12,21 MB
01. What I Saw In You
02. Untitled
03. That’s The Problem
04. Slipping Away
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Buck Wild — 1996 — Beat Me Silly

Year: 1996
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 65,29 MB
01. Artificial Love
02. One Day
03. Just In Time
04. Flowerstand Girl
05. What I Saw In You
06. The Letter
07. American Dream
08. That’s The Problem
09. Happy Together
10. Slipping Away
11. Unititled
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Buck Wild — 1999 — Full Metal Overdrive

Year: 1999
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 142,01 MB
01. Where Are We
02. Empty Bottles
03. Bitter Man
04. Don’t Touch Me
05. Hail To The King
06. What To Do
07. Tribute To The Mammal
08. Cold Pizza
09. Goodland, The
10. K.T.’s Dream
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