Anti-Nowhere League — 2019 — So What Tour 1982 Live

Year: 2019
Genre: Punk Rock
Country: England, Tunbridge Wells 
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 105,89 MB
01. We Are the League (Live at Derby)
02. Can’t Stand Rock N’ Roll (Live at Derby)
03. For You (Live at Derby)
04. Snowman (Live at Derby)
05. Streets of London (Live at Bradford)
06. World War III (Live at Bradford)
07. Wreck a Nowhere (Live at Bradford)
08. Nowhere Man (Live at Bradford)
09. I’m No Hero (Live at Bradford)
10. Women (Live at Bradford)
11. I Hate People (Live at Derby)
12. Animal (Live at Derby)
13. So What (Live at Derby)
14. Let’s Break the Law (Live at Lyceum)
15. We Are the League (Live at Lyceum)
16. Can’t Stand Rock N’ Roll (Live at Lyceum)
17. For You (Live at Lyceum)
18. Streets of London (Live at Lyceum)
19. Wreck a Nowhere (Live at Lyceum)

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