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A Radio With Guts — Discography

Genre: Pop Punk
Country: USA


There once was a band out of Ashland, Kentucky by the name of Connie Dungs. They put out some records, each different from the last. They matured through their musical catalogue and recorded an album by the name of Eternal Bad Luck Charm, then broke up. For a while nothing much happened. Then the lead Dung, Brandon Tussey started a band that was the logical progression from E.B.L.C. That band was A Radio With Guts.

After releasing an «acoustic but not really acoustic» album, former Connie Dungs members Wayne and Chris joined in on the fun and recorded Beat Heart Sweet Stereo. The result is an emotional roller coaster that leans on the pop punk styling of Connie Dungs, but also adds a harsher, darker element.

A Radio With Guts — 2002 — Beat Heart Sweet Stereo

Year: 2002
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 101,27 MB
01. Tragic Music
02. Bloodletter
03. Whiskey Dawn
04. Werewolf Weather
05. Hey Boss
06. Another Night in the House of Suicide
07. Math and the Mocking Moon
08. Eighteen Alive
09. Blue Grey Smoke
10. Kentucky Straight Razor
11. Gone
12. Fatal Fatigue
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A Radio With Guts — 2011 — Acoustic

Year: 2011
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 153,24 MB
01. Werewolf Weather
02. Pink Ink
03. Eighteen Alive
04. Shit
05. Too Cruel
06. Kiss the Bottle
07. Rollercoaster
08. Alarma!
09. Captured
10. Spiders Across the Stars (For Jack)
11. The Whole Enormous Sadness of a Shirt
12. Ten Shot Farewell
13. Blue Grey Smoke
14. Kentucky Straight Razor
15. Driving On Neptune
16. Math and the Mocking Moon
17. Tragic Music
18. Fatal Fatigue
19. Fear of Abandonment
20. Turntable
21. Weep
22. Gone
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