Zebrahead — 2020 — Brain Invaders (Deluxe Goes Instrumental)

Year: 2020
Genre: Punk Rock / Pop Punk
Country: USA, Orange County, CA
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 124,14 MB
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01. When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners (Instrumental)
02. I Won’t Let You Down (Instrumental)
03. All My Friends Are Nobodies (Instrumental)
04. We’re Not Alright (Instrumental)
05. You Don’t Know Anything About Me (Instrumental)
06. Chasing the Sun (Instrumental)
07. Party on the Dancefloor (Instrumental)
08. Do Your Worst (Instrumental)
09. All Die Young (Instrumental)
10. Up in Smoke (Instrumental)
11. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi (Instrumental)
12. Take a Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself) — Instrumental
13. Better Living Through Chemistry (Instrumental)
14. Bullet on the Brain (Instrumental)
15. If You’re Looking for Your Knife…I Think My Back Found It (Instrumental)
16. All My Friends Are Nobodies (Acoustic-Ish) — Instrumental
17. We’re Not Alright (Acoustic-Ish) — Instrumental
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