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Where Eagles Dare — Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: USA, Phoenix, AZ 

Where Eagles Dare were a hardcore band from Arizona in the early/mid-2000’s. Playing out what seemed like every few months, and squeezing in touring when they could, they shared their brand of fast and melody touched hardcore all over the west coast and even across the country at least once.
In their existence they made it back to Southern California pretty often before splintering into various other bands (Red Son, George Moshington, and Royal Monsters to name a few) also managing to release an EP, LP, Split EP (with Nor Cal’s Set it Straight), appearing on a few comps, and an unreleased demo (and yes, a 3-song demo that I’ve been told  I will be killed over if I ever share it). I can say that, without a doubt, there is not one instance I can think of in the 12-15 times that I saw this band, where the energy level was ever anything below maximum and the show anything less than great. Good people with good things to say and music & songs that only got better as they went along. Really, enough can’t be said about this band, so I will stop before I say too much.

Site: https://www.facebook.com/whereeaglesdareaz

Where Eagles Dare — 2003 — In A Thousand Words Or Less

Year: 2003
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 33,86 MB
01. In A Thousand Words Or Less
02. The Neverending Road Trip
03. Trading In Your Friends For A Black T-Shirt And A Scowl
04. Behind That Smile
05. There You Go Again
06. Ears Still Ringing
07. Good Times
08. Untitled

Where Eagles Dare — 2004 — To Come From Nowhere

Year: 2004
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 75,30 MB
01. The Tinman Cometh
02. Bridges Made Of Matches
03. What Lies Ahead
04. Bayonettes And Bedsheets
05. Despite The Casualities
06. …And I Almost Forgot
07. You’ll Need A Body Bag
08. Intensive Care Unit
09. It’s OK To Steal
10. Hard Times
11. Good Times
12. Neverending Roadtrip
13. Paramedique?