Vitamin X — 2018 — Age Of Paranoia

Artist: Vitamin X
Album: Age Of Paranoia
Genre: Hardcore Punk / Fastcore
Year: 2018
Country: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Playtime: 00:28:08
Size: 107,21 MB
Quality: 320 kbps
01. Modern Man
02. Rollercoaster Ride
03. Age of Paranoia
04. Human Plague
05. No One
06. Flip the Switch
07. Short Circuit
08. Speak No Evil
09. Deranged Degenerate
10. Reverse Midas Touch
11. Media Messiah
12. Road Warrior
13. Bounce Back
14. Leave Me Alone
15. Rock n Roll Destroyer
16. Shock Value

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  1. Great Site Exept For This SHIT Band from Amsterdam, Holland…. They Only can Play with Hard open Volume but there Sound Is Sloppy and Borring… I Can Know… Im From Holland and after you see this band your going to visit your doctor because of Ear Problems… Horrible bad this band….. RESPECT 4 THE REST M8!

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