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The Havoc — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Street Punk
Country: USA

On the hot streets of south Los Angeles, The Havoc was born in November of 2001. Shortly there after, they began playing locally and also released their first 7” E.P. entitled “Who’s Gonna Die”. The band pressed only 1,000 copies and sold out of the E.P. on their first tour during the summer of 2002. This immediately began creating waves in the underground Punk scene and the result was the groups signing to Punk Core Records.

Hot on the heels of «Who’s Gonna Die», The Havoc released their debut full-length entitled «Our Rebellion Has Just Begun» in 2003. The 12 tracks on this record take the listener through a high speed, adrenaline fueled rampage that will leave you feeling as though you were hit by a cyclone of heavy punk rock! An instant classic, the album conquered the punk scene and garnered rave reviews from almost every underground music magazine on the stands.

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The Havoc — 2001 — Who’s Gonna Die (EP)

Year: 2001
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 35.25 MB
01. We Want The Truth
02. Cause For Rebellion
03. Selective Service
04. Time Is Up
05. Worthless Words
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The Havoc — 2003 — Our Rebellion Has Just Begun

Year: 2003
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 77.13 MB
01. Death Comes Fast
02. Nothing To Prove
03. Live Or Die
04. We’re All To Blame
05. Worthless Words
06. Selective Service
07. More Than This
08. No Escape
09. Never Say Never
10. Made It This Far
11. Cause For Rebellion
12. Another Cause
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The Havoc — 2005 — Road Warrior

Year: 2005
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 40.65 MB
01. Road Warrior
02. Arson Attack
03. Seventeen Years Of Hell
04. We’re All To Blame (Live)
05. Worthless Words (Live)
06. Live Or Die (Live)
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The Havoc — 2022 — Give Me Fire (EP)

Year: 2022
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 35.33 MB
01. Give Me Fire (G.B.H.)
02. Only Escape
03. With A Vengeance
04. Death Comes Fast (Re-Record)
05. We Want The Truth (Re-Record)
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