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TBA — Discography

Coming from the overcrowded capital of Romania, Bucharest, TBA started just like any other band when a guy (Matei-bass) wanted to start a punk band and he knew some other guys (Leo — vox, guitar; Matei — guitar, vox; Razvan — drums) that wanted more or less the same thing. Picking a name was easy since we had more important things to worry about and TBA seemed like the name you’d someday see on a concert or festival poster. About a month after our first rehearsal together we had written our first song, Lost and Found, and had our first concert, riddled with covers and guest appearances from our friends in the local punk scene.

A few months and one drummer (enters Andre from Portugal) later we were ready (or so we thought) to embark on our first tour, with Volstead Akt (Fr) and Agora (Ro), with a rented van and no drummer, since Andre couldn’t make it on such short notice. Halfway through the tour, after a dull set of concerts in Romania, we had abandoned the drum machine and put Leo in charge of the drums, without knowing how to drum, crashed the van, somehow replaced it with a small hatchback, got to France and met up with Dragos, a hitchhiker friend of Leo’s, who took over on guitar whenever he could find a ride to the next gig. It was there that we had the best two weeks of our lives, playing and sleeping in squats, being treated like old friends and recording our first demo at our friends’ place.
In the following year we played every gig we could that didn’t require a van, we followed Gnarwolves and Despite Everything on tour (we only needed a regular car) and opened for them on all three of their Romanian dates, without anyone asking us to and we started working on our first EP, Evenings, which we recorded over 3-4 days at our rehearsal room and released through our own record label, Overdue Records.
Evenings, our first EP is a small collection of our best songs at that time. We decided to name it this way because we barely see each other during daytime; all the songs were written and composed in the evening
It was out on the 9th of September in a beautiful evening with lots of friends. It was the first time we experienced sing along and it was awesome. Time has passed and in 218 we decided to release another EP. This time we decided to do absolutely everything by ourselves (except the CD’s which cannot be made DIY) and we started writing lyrics down, drawing the EP cover, it was like in school but only that shit was more boring. The final result was a surprise for everyone, the sound quality was better and the DIY feeling was present in each and every copy of that EP. It’s not much but «It’s Something» and it came out on May 16th and the release party was on the 25th and it was by far our best show ever.
TBA plays an unequal mix of punk, melodic hardcore, pop punk and post rock with influences from bands like Lagwagon, Title Fight, Gnarwolves, NOFX, Explosions in the Sky. TBA stands for not waiting around. Not waiting to find that perfect name, not waiting to have more than one song, not waiting until the songs sound perfect to play them, not waiting to find a drummer before you plan the tour (actually when we planned the tour we did have a drummer), not waiting to get your own van and not waiting for someone to magically offer you a record deal.
TBA — 2016 — Evenings (EP)
TBA — 2018 — It’s Something (EP)
Band: TBA
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Quality: 320 kbps
Country: Romania, Bucharest
Size: 86 mb
Bandcamp: https://tbabandcamp.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tbapunkband