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Suave Chavez — Discography

Genre: Ska-Punk
Country: USA

Suave Chavez is a progressive mix of ska, punk and other influences that molded together to create some wonderfully original music during their years together in South Jersey. Suave Chavez spent four amazing years entertaining energetic crowds with their strong sets of originals and ska-format cover songs. The 1999 release of Skatomic Bomb was an instant success, extending the band’s following and earning them radio airplay in Philadelphia and Delaware. In 2000 the band decided to split, as many bands do, when integral members began to leave for college.

Suave Chavez — 1999 — Skatomic Bomb

Year: 1999
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 104.73 MB
01. I Always Will
02. Skatomic Bomb
03. Unoriginal
04. Ralph Macchio
05. Tramopoline
06. That’s Life
07. 5 an Hour
08. Codename
09. Cloud 9
10. Adam Is Jamaican
11. 18 (Live)
12. Anthem (Live)
13. Unexpected Road (Live)
14. Virginia (Live)
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