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There are no coincidences, and if so, they are planned. That’s what happened to Simon and Nuno in 2007 when they were looking for a guitarist for their newly formed punk rock band. For years no longer seen and found at a punk concert, it happened that Luca was allowed to take this post in the band. The journey of self-service could start.

Driven by their zest for action and their youthful dissatisfaction with the system, the first EP with 6 songs was released in 2010. Brachialer, honest German punk, which illuminated above all the dark sides of our society. When their favorite football club St. Pauli celebrated its centenary in the same year, the band also recorded one of their songs for the anniversary CD «St.Pauli One Hundred». Anyone who wants to achieve greatness must not stand still, must show courage to something new. So found on the 2012 released first album also completely different styles with which you like to experiment and yet incorporated your own style. In order not to depend on themselves and to promote their own creativity, they decided to produce a disc every two years.
After ten years of band history, three released albums, various festival appearances and tours, the colorful hair and the torn pants have given way to a more neutral image. The punk in the heart, however, continues rhythmically. Accordingly, the music has changed. Ten years ago, each song had to be loud, fast and with no more than three chords, so today more emphasis is placed on melody and rhythm, and it does not shy away from slower, more sonorous songs. And yet self-service still creates energetic punk rock and carries it with joy on the stage. Contact with the public is a must, entertainment guaranteed.
For the tenth anniversary Nuno said goodbye to the band in good friendship. From then on, Simon Graf was to take over the drumming for him and bring a fresh breeze with his new, creative ideas. The anchor is lightened; the sails are set! Where will the journey for self-service still go?

Artist: Selbstbedienung
Album: Attacke
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2009
Country: Switzerland, Aarau
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 43,15 MB
01. Illusion
02. Mc Donalds
03. Ach du bist Punk!
04. Gemeinsam gegen Rechts
05. Attacke
06. St. Pauli

Artist: Selbstbedienung
Album: Solche Tage
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2012
Country: Switzerland, Aarau
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 115,02 MB
01. Die Richtung
02. Mein Leben
04. Solche Tage
05. Nichts Neues
06. Eine Hand Voll
07. Ein Lied
08. Kriegszeitalter
09. Pass auf!
10. An Irish Song
11. Angela
12. Tod im Labor
13. Stiefel im Schnee
14. Fuck the System
15. A Fucking Song

Artist: Selbstbedienung
Album: Hafengang
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2014
Country: Switzerland, Aarau
Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 79,01 MB
01. Intro
02. Alles Wird Gut
03. Stereotyp
04. Hafengang
05. Freunde
06. Freiheit
07. Antifascista
08. Rock’n’Roll
09. Talking Men
10. In Meinem Kopf
11. Reggae No.2
12. Schwer Wie Blei
13. Rage
14. Harter Kern
15. Steh Auf Und Geh Los!
16. Abschiedslied
17. Outro

Artist: Selbstbedienung
Album: Insel Der Erinnerung
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2016
Country: Switzerland, Aarau
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 122,25 MB
01. Dystopia
02. Helden Der Gesellschaft
03. Es Ist Vorbei
04. Neues Jahr, Neues Glück
05. Vorsätzlich Gegensätzlich
06. Davy Jones
07. Wenn Er Mit Ihr Tanzt
08. Insel Der Erinnerung
09. Ode an Den Gerstensaft
10. Weit Weg
11. Schön Traurig
12. Rettungsanker
13. Sternenstaub
14. Danke
15. Was Sie Mal War

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