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Orange Island — Discography

Genre: Pop Punk / Emo Punk
Country: USA, Clinton, MA

Orange Island was a Pop Punk band based out of the town Clinton, Massachusetts. Orange Island formed in 1996 when cousins Charles Young and Brendan Dickhaut started writing music together and had David Chouinard playing bass guitar. After writing songs together they asked their friend David Gorman to sing for the group. Orange Island wrote and recorded several demos before being signed to the Boston-based record label Iodine Recordings in 2000. The Shape of Calling was Orange Island’s debut album and shortly after its release the band started touring the US with many well known bands including Brand New, The Movielife, Breaking Pangaea, Kill Verona and others. in 2002 Orange Island released their follow-up full length titled Everything You Thought You Knew. This album dealt with themes related to struggling with alcoholism and losing a close friend.

Orange Island went through several line up changes after the release of their second album (losing their bass player David Chouinard prior to its release) who left the band to join the military after 9/11. Several people filled in on bass until they took on Joseph Dufresne, a good friend who formerly played in the Boston band The Chase Scene. Joseph started playing second guitar, David Gorman started to only sing, and Colin Spencer (also of The Chase Scene) took over on bass. Orange Island left Iodine Recordings and signed to Triple Crown Records and released a self titled CD that was very well received by reviewers and the indie scene. Orange Island toured for the new album with the punk band Tsunami Bomb. In 2004 Orange Island released their final album titled The Morning After, which was released on the Oregon-based record label Rise Records. Orange Island disbanded shortly after this last release.

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Orange Island — 2001 — The Shape Of Calling

Year: 2001
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 40,20 MB
01. When It Was New Years Eve Three Times A Week
02. Always Goodbye
03. The Pledge Of Allegience
04. Eyes Closed To Motion
05. Making Her (Walk The Plank)
06. Personal Vendetta
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Orange Island — 2002 — Everything You Thought You Knew

Year: 2002
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 56,85 MB
01. Drinking To Bend
02. Stand Up, State Your Name
03. When Everyone Was Everyone
04. Bedspins Part One
05. Consider Yourself Lucky
06. The Art Of Soap Opera Acting
07. A Punch In The Face
08. That’s One Dead Horse (Instrom
09. The Bloated Pop Star Years
10. Out Of Our Faces
11. Bedspins Part Two
12. An Armenian Best
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Orange Island — 2003 — Orange Island

Year: 2003
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 57,51 MB
01. Four Letter Tattoos And White
02. Oh! How Clintonian Of Me
03. Only The Good Looking Need App
04. Diet Of Worms
05. Knife In Hand, Gun In Mouth
06. Life As A Series Of Addictions
07. Burn Off Your Fingerprints
08. The Silent Partner
09. We Hit It Off, It’s The Shit (
10. Holy Bibles And Stained Glass
11. The Bachelorette, Her Neck And
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Orange Island — 2004 — The Morning After (EP)

Year: 2004
Quality: mp3, VBR 225 kbps
Size: 32,69 MB
01. Casually Stuck Between A Model
02. Pyritic Eyes (the Same Soap Op
03. The Disappearing Act of Anothe
04. The Last Yellow Days of Anna L
05. On the Greyhound Sipping the W
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