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One Shot Left — Discography

The story of One Shot Left started back in 1995 from the ashes of the pop-punk band Seven Ate Nine when the guys attented high school. In 1998 the band recorded a homemade demotape that caught the attention of the label Meter Records. I always wondered how that demotape sounded, because the songs they put the same year on the split Wet Feet with Darryl’s Grocery Bag and Guilt Trip are amazing! Well, the same year the band did his first tour in the western part of Canada and were already planning a new album.
Funny fact: 3 of the songs off that album also appeared as instrumental versions on a instructional welding video distributed to technical schools across North America !!?? This is in 2000 that the new album (Something To Be Reckoned With) saw the light and it got great success amongst skatepunk/punkrock fans. In 2001 the band started a cross-Canadian tour as their popularity was good and they were backed by a good label. But soon after, One Shot Left changed their style a lot, and their latest release Restitution cant be considered as Skate-punk, although I think its a good album in the style that they now play. One Shot Left is definitly one of the good skatepunk bands that came out of Canada!
One Shot Left — 2000 — Something to be Reckoned With
One Shot Left — 2005 — Restitution
Band: One Shot Left
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Quality: 192-320 kbps
Country: Canada, Alberta
Size: 125 mb
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