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No Relax is an Italian-Spanish musical group of Punk-Rock genre. One of its members is «Joxemi», guitarist-chorus of the famous band Ska-P a year and a half before his break that ended in Argentina on October 12, 2005. It was created by Joxemi and Micky (Italian singer) in 2003 and began its journey in 2004 with the album Gridalo! that gave birth and have opened a small place among bands trying to earn a place in the world of music. No-Relax has chosen the independent way with all its added difficulties. Advancing rapidly the group already has two albums released: Gridalo! (February 2004) and Rebellion Virus (mid 2006).

They have toured different European countries such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain and also edited four videos, «You Can Still Shout», «Himnorelax» «Out of Control» and «Normal Person» that have informally been published by themselves in the YouTube chain of videos and general entertainment. The origin of part of the members of the band from other European countries that the Spain from which «Joxemi» comes from, have given the group a different and foreign nuance with songs in Italian and Spanish, with a threshold of remixed genres of punk -rock, rock & roll, mixed with several styles that give a unique appeal to some people wanting to listen to new music.

Artist: No Relax
Album: Gridalo!
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2004
Country: Spain, Navarra
Playtime: 00:50:10
Size: 59,68 MB
Quality: 160 kbps
01. Continuerу
02. Buonanotte
03. Gridalo!
04. Al Macello
05. Super acqua
06. Sparatevi Un Colpo
07. Fottiti
08. Se Mi Consentir
09. Eccesso Decesso
10. Nessun Rimplanto
11. Il filosofo e il cardinale
12. Sotto Processo
13. Sin Arreglo
14. Dejavou
15. Levбntate
16. Volverй
17. Super Agua
18. Al Matadero
19. El Filуsofo Y El Cardenal

Artist: No Relax
Album: Virus De Rebeliуn
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2006
Country: Spain, Navarra
Playtime: 00:44:42
Size: 41,13 MB
Quality: 128 kbps
01. Innorelax
02. Fuori controllo
03. Controguerra
04. Vado Via
06. Nana
07. Non Siamo Differenti
08. Sorvegliando Te
09. L’abbandono
10. Tutto d’un Fiato
11. Fuck West
12. Non Sparar Sul Chitarrista
13. Rock & Roll Radio

Artist: No Relax
Album: Indomabile
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2008
Country: Spain, Navarra
Playtime: 00:43:03
Size: 62,07 MB
Quality: 200 VBR kbps
01. Carne Fresca
02. Persona Normale
03. El Ultimo Viaje
04. Richiamato Al Dovere
05. Maledetto Progresso
06. 1522
07. Sempre Avanti
08. Prigione Mentale
09. Immagine Perfetta
10. Maria
11. Indomabile
12. A Dio Pregando
13. Mas Fuerte Caeran

Artist: No Relax
Album: Animalibre
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2011
Country: Spain, Navarra
Playtime: 00:40:33
Size: 37,44 MB
Quality: 128 kbps
01. Fuego de manantial
02. Campeуn
03. Lбgrimas quemadas
04. ANIMALibre
05. Nuoto o muoio
06. Hijos de la tierra
07. Mundo cabrуn
08. Bnima caliente
09. Aguantando sin llorar
10. Cosas del directo
11. Gabbie di sangue
12. No olvidamos
13. ANIMALibre

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