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NH3 — Discography

Genre: Ska-Punk / Skacore
Country: Italy

The story of NH3 starts in August 2002 in Villa San Martino district in Pesaro. A continuous evolution and growth on the stage and on the road playing through Italy, ensures that in 2009 the first album of the band, called “30 Agosto 2002”, comes out.
With “Eroi Senza Volto” the band reaches important stages and they start to get close to the italian ad foreign anti-fascist scene. The tour goes on with very good feedback, and for the first time NH3 can overstep the italian frontiers with their first European tour (Austria, Croatia, Germany Czech Republic). In July 2013 a strong album was born: “Rise Up”, an aggressive and strong sound, is also influenced by upbeat rhythms and punk hardcore. The new album brings the band to his second European tour, by joining the rooster of Muttis booking.

From 2013 and 2015 the boys have been taking their music all around clubs and festivals, from Berlin to Paris, to the Mighty Sound in Czech Republic. In 2016 they release “Hate And Hope” (Long Beach Records) with another European tour: Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, and Revenidas in Spain are just 2 of the most important festivals which give “Hate and Hope” its great success. NH3 become one of the most powerful bands in the European ska-core scene, with overwhelming and engaging live shows.

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NH3 — 2011 — Eroi Senza Volto

Year: 2011
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 86.76 MB
01. Ancora In Piedi
02. Eroi Senza Volto (Feat.Olly)
03. Malato Contento
04. Echi Lontani Di Rivolta (Feat.L’invasione Degli Omini Verdi)
05. Una Splendida Regia
06. Black And White Soul
07. Entusiasmo
08. Canzone Popolare
09. Joseph Merrick
10. L’ignoranza
11. La Notte Piu’ Lunga Del Mondo
12. La Gente Vera (Feat.Cattive Abitudini)
13. …La Rotta Da Seguire
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NH3 — 2014 — Rise Up

Year: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 95.04 MB
01. La nostra voce
02. Soltanto l’inizio
03. Against racism feat. Enrico (Los Fastidios) & Il Duca (RedSka)
04. Rude love feat. De Veggent (RedSka)
05. Vento resistente feat. Dema (Talco)
06. Fuck modern football
07. Solo per i Pompieri
08. Per un futuro diverso feat. De Veggent (RedSka)
09. Rimango qui
10. Coerenza
11. Malcom X
12. Semza ritegno
13. Police on my back
14. United.We.Stand
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NH3 — 2016 — Hate And Hope

Year: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 98.01 MB
01. Qualcosa di Meglio
02. No Borders (feat. Simon Bernhardt)
03. Berlin Calling
04. La nuova tratta degli Schiavi
05. L’odio
06. Old School Attitude
07. Sscs
08. Un passo indietro mai
09. Nella bocca del lupo (feat. Eusebio Martinelli)
10. Bella ciao
11. Il vaso di Pandora
12. Una scelta diversa
13. L’ironia della sorte (feat. Emanuele Randon)
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NH3 — 2019 — Superhero

Year: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 92.57 MB
01. Sopravvive
02. Ventre
03. Anestesia
04. Liquido
05. Reason
06. Necessita’
07. Life
08. Risorgere
09. Best
10. Utopia (Feat. Talco)
11. Fantasma (Feat. Gab De La Vega)
12. Costretti
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