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Nasty Bastard — Discography

Genre: Oi! Punk / Hardcore Punk
Country: England

The band originally started out as a side project by vocalist John, originally called Oi! it’s Mad John. John recorded a demo with Nik Nailbomb on drums. When Deathskulls called it a day in 2014, John and Nik decided to pursue the band as a full time project. Mike Jones and John Fawkes from The Filaments joined on bass and guitar following the decision and the band changed their name to Nasty Bastard. The band plays an Oi! style with a Hardcore spirit.

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Nasty Bastard — 2016 — Do One!

Year: 2016
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 48.16 MB
01. Salty Old Cunt
02. Made in Essex
03. Pub Sports
04. Handbags
05. Working Class Yush Talk
06. Banter
07. Staying in with Some Tinz
08. 2 Familiar 2 Soon
09. Fight or Fall
10. Curry Night
11. New Breed
12. Scrap Club
13. No One Cares About You
14. Style It Out
15. I Saw Ya
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Nasty Bastard — 2020 — Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Year: 2020
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 14.59 MB
01. Have a Word With Yourself
02. Everyone’s a Cunt
03. Everything’s Shit
04. Nothing For You
05. Street Tinz
06. Socks ‘n’ Sliders
07. No One Likes a Grass
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