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Muffs — 2022 — Really Really Happy (Deluxe)

Year: 2022
Genre: Punk Rock / Pop Punk
Country: USA
Quality: mp320 kbps
Size: 221.12 MB
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Support: Spotify
01. Freak Out
02. A Little Luxury
03. Really Really Happy
04. Something Inside
05. Everybody Loves You
06. Don’t Pick on Me
07. And I Go Pow
08. My Lucky Day
09. Fancy Girl
10. How I Pass the Time
11. Slow
12. I’m Here I’m Not
13. The Whole World
14. My Awful Dream
15. By My Side
16. Oh Poor You
17. The Story of Me
18. My Whore (Bonus Track)
19. Uh Oh (Bonus Track)
20. Under in the Covers in Jammies (Bonus Track)
21. My Imagination (Bonus Track)
22. Just the Beginning (Bonus Track)
23. I Hate Gym (Bonus Track)
24. Really Really Happy (Demo) [Bonus Track]
25. Freak out (Demo) [Bonus Track]
26. Everybody Loves You (Demo) [Bonus Track]
27. Something Inside (Demo) [Bonus Track]
28. And I Go Pow (Demo) [Bonus Track]
29. Don’t Pick on Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]
30. The Story of Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]
31. A Little Luxury (Demo) [Bonus Track]
32. By My Side (Demo) [Bonus Track]
33. Fancy Girl (Demo) [Bonus Track]
34. How I Pass the Time (Demo) [Bonus Track]
35. I’m Here I’m Not (Demo) [Bonus Track]
36. Even Now (Demo) [Bonus Track]
37. Slow (Demo) [Bonus Track]
38. My Lucky Day (Demo) [Bonus Track]
39. Oh Poor You (Demo) [Bonus Track]
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