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Monos Kabrones — Discography

Monos Kabrones is a mongrel ska punk band, from Formosa. In their style they merge the ideologies and strength of punk rock with American roots rhythms such as ska, reggae, among others.
The band consolidates in 2010, when they released their first album: «ska punk para primates», where they mix the purest punk rock in 9 songs, with some ska and reggae. With this demo the band prepares to turn and becomes a reference in the punk movement of the north of the country, touring the entire NEA and sharing the stage with iconic bands of national punk, such as «2 minutes». In addition the band begins to experiment in the edition of own videos through crest productions, producing, recording and editing 3 videos for this disc.

In this period, little by little new instruments like keyboards and winds are added, which add to the ska sound of the band, and give rise to fusions with new styles and a much more personal identity and sound. In 2012 they again enter the studio, to record a second disc of 12 new songs, titled «CHIKIROPOW!», For the classic phrase of the ska «shake it up», the disc is published in 2013 and shows a much more style mestizo, mixing his roots ska punk with rhythms like mariachi, hardcore, cumbia and other Latin influences. This discs receives very good critics at local and national level, making the band popular among the best new bands of punk and ska punk. Receiving reviews even in unexpected places like Germany and Mexico.

With this record the band continues to tour more frequently in the northern region, and in the neighboring country of Paraguay. Participating in major recitals such as the «Suda-ska» Latin American ska punk festival, the «Formorock», etc. and sharing the stage in punk festivals with bands of national trajectory such as «vandal katarro», «superuva», «2 minutes», miss boliva, the sow sail among others … In addition they create their own local festival the «CHIKIROPOWFEST», produced by they themselves independently which is going for its 5th edition, and aims to promote the production of local shows in the NEA area.

Continuing with the production of self-managed music videos, the band produces and records videos of the songs «birra and distortion» «la piba ska», roberta, which are widely accepted on social networks and on local and national television.
Without leaving behind, they enter the studios again to record what will be their new material «RADIOACTIVE PARTY» that they present officially in July 2018, this album comes with the traditional ska punk of the band, but also with heavier rhythms like Hardcore and Metal.
The band is integrated by Julio Riquelme, Nico Cracogna, Sergio «Checho» Lopez, Fabian Ocampo.
Genre: Ska-Punk
Quality: VBR-320 kbps
Country: Argentina, Formosa
Size: 202 mb
Monos Kabrones — 2010 — Ska Punk Para Primates
Monos Kabrones — 2013 — Chikiporow!
Monos Kabrones — 2018 — Fiesta Radioactiva