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Modern Empty Guys — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: Italy

Modern Empty Guys started in the area of Lombardi, Italy under the name Switch Back Side. After a bassist change in the lineup they used the name No Track For Sale for the time of a show then they finally changed their name to Moder Empty Guys (MEG) The same year they released their first demo titled Useles. After the release of that demo their singer leaves the band so the two guitarists Nico and Lore replaced him, both of them singing some songs each other. With only 2 demos released the band did show a lot of talent and potential. Their music was mainly influenced by californian punk scene (Fat Wreck) and they had really good melodies and a sound of their own.

Modern Empty Guys — 2001 — Life Flavoured Something

Year: 2001
Quality: mp3, 128 kbps
Size: 29,05 MB
01. Who’s Fed Up With Me
02. You, Not Us
03. Take Over The World
04. Nighty-Night
05. Invisible
06. Neon
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Modern Empty Guys — 2002 — Useless (EP)

Year: 2002
Quality: mp3, 160 kbps
Size: 16,38 MB
01. Who’s Fed Up With Me
02. Useless
03. Faith
04. Buzz & The Key
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