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Luka — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: Germany, Alfeld

The Alfeld band LUKA was formed in 1999 after having had extensive stage experience in other bands in the years before. In 2001 they found a home at the Gottingen record label BURNING PARADISE RECORDS and released their debut EP RADIO LIBERTY. Several sampler contributions followed. In late summer 2003 the album DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE was released. The overdue release of the new CD INDEPENDENT THOUGHT CONTROL is planned for the turn of 2006/2007.

LUKA are four twenties, some of whom in their youth heard far too much punk rock from sunny California and closed their hearts in southern Lower Saxony. The emancipation process is not always easy in the face of terrible alternatives. LUKA are loud and quiet, fast and slow, bittersweet, harshly sweet, evil, sweet, cynical, punchy, devout, never disharmonious in their music, never policed ??for compulsive harmony in their words. LUKA write powerful rock songs with the appropriate punk attitude, interspersed with elements of the music that you just like to hear. After all, we are all opportunists.

LUKA does not produce any unnecessary artificial love noses, no Ballermann 6 binge hits, no songs that Dieter Bohlen and his candidates would like. You don’t want to either. It’s about social justice and elbow society, about winners and losers, heroes and assholes, about war and peace, about overcoming the past and the prospects for the future, it’s about God and the world, the little joys of life and about everyday madness.

Luka — 2001 — Radio Liberty (EP)

Year: 2001
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 46,23 MB
01. Cease Fire
02. Killing Misery
03. Angry
04. The Revolution Eats Her Children
05. Cannot


Luka — 2003 — Declaration Of Dependence

Year: 2003
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 99,15 MB
01. Supremacy
02. Misanthropy
03. The Greatest Victory
04. Ninive
05. This Burning Town
06. Useless Handshakes
07. Declaration Of Dependence
08. If It Makes You…
09. Angry
10. Nme
11. Upside Down
12. Cannot (Unplugged)


Luka — 2007 — Independent Thought Alarm

Year: 2007
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 61,29 MB
01. It’s Up To You
02. Without Regret
03. How To Fake A Smile
04. Suburbia Is Rising From Hell
05. Killing Time In Peaceful Days
06. Europe After The Rain
07. Face Down
08. An Inexcuseable Apology