Krud — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: USA, Alhambra, CA

We all grew up in Alhambra California. The first 3 original members, Mikey Meda (Vocals/Guitar), Gabriel Meda (Drums/ Vocals), and Casey Wirt (Bass), started learning our instruments in 1994 and are all currently still in the band after 20 years. Adam Kawasawa (Guitar/ Vocals) joined the band January 1995 and opened our ears to under ground bands like FYP, Assorted Jelly Beans, and Home Grown among others, that heavily influenced our sound at the time. Omar Viramontes ( Guitar), was a close friend and would later become a member.

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Krud — 1999 — We Are What We Eat! (EP)

Year: 1999
Quality: mp3, 128 kbps
Size: 13,63 MB
01. Oval Eyes
02. Joe
03. Flannigan
04. Shit Song
05. Goodyere Boy
06. Cool Guy
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Krud — 2004 — Box Of Goodies

Year: 2004
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 46,46 MB
01. Box of Goodies
02. The Sad Story of Magoo
03. L.O.V.E. Song
04. Gray Room
05. Thursday’s Child
06. 1 Thru 6
07. Krud Anthem
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