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Jordan’s Bank — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: Canada, Montreal

This is an old punk band from St-Lambert, Quebec that was playing in mid 90’s. They released their first tape on Help-Ray Cords, the label runned by one of the members of My Big Wheel. Later they decided to start their own label called Delores Can Run Records, and they released a second tape. They also released stuff from their friends band Overbored (Skate Punk) Face Up Reality (Hardcore) and Useless (Skate Punk).

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Jordan’s Bank — 1995 — Bet You Wish Your Mom Could Make You Breakfast

Year: 1995
Quality: mp3, VBR 238 kbps
Size: 47,12 MB
01. Finding It
02. More Than A Price
03. Malcolm Skin Flûte
04. She Cries
05. Bleeding Today
06. Plain To See
07. Womb
08. Spaceball Treven
09. Krail
10. Ska Sucks
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Jordan’s Bank — 1996 — Jordan’s Bank (EP)

Year: 1996
Quality: mp3, VBR 259 kbps
Size: 24,34 MB
01. Franky, Jane, Matt & Me
02. Kidzfitz
03. Finding It
04. Cooties
05. *Punk Rock Girl
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