I Voted For Kodos — Discography

Genre: Ska-Punk / Pop Punk
Country: USA

I Voted For Kodos was a five-piece band out of Madison, WI that built an international following through rigorous touring and Internet promotion. They broke up in May of 2007. Since 2003, the band has averaged 150 shows per year while performing with such national touring acts as Fall Out Boy, Bowling For Soup, Motion City Soundtrack, Relient K, Reel Big Fish, and Lucky Boys Confusion.

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I Voted For Kodos — 2000 — Close Enough For Ska

Year: 2000
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 104.13 MB
01. I Just Want to Know
02. You Never Asked Me
03. Todd
04. Going Down
05. She Hates Ska
06. Calc Lecture Girl
07. Shallow Grave
08. Http://Www.Dumped.Com
09. What Happens Next
10. Wish I Was Aaron
11. Gunpoint
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I Voted For Kodos — 2003 — Not Penis Cream

Year: 2003
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 59.23 MB
01. On the Phone
02. Pastaroni
03. Where Are We Going To
04. Not Penis Cream
05. All I Have Left
06. I Tied My Own Shoes Today
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I Voted For Kodos — 2006 — My New Obsession

Year: 2006
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 105.56 MB
01. Turn the Radio On
02. Never Go Home
03. Friday Night Lights Out
04. These Scars Won’t Heal Themselves
05. Radio Love Song
06. Please Die in a Fire
07. You’re My Favorite
08. Wishful Thinking in Fourth Period
09. Sherrie’s Song
10. Three Days ’til Rome
11. Perfecting the Art of Persuasion
12. Turn It Up (Japanese bonus track)
13. Good Riddance (Japanese bonus track)
14. I Won’t Be Home for Christmas (Japanese bonus track)
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