Going Blind — Discography — HPS Music

Going Blind — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Country: Canada


Going Blind is fast and melodic punk rock from Whistler, British Columbia. One album Referatic, 2000, technical, flirting with hardcore and even synths, but most importantly fast like a train. In places, reminiscent of Downshift, the same year, the same country, and they also try to play famously and mega fast.

Going Blind — 2000 — Referatic

Year: 2000
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 67.84 MB
01. Insomnia
02. IRS
03. Pro Ho’s
04. Left Inside
05. Only Words Can Justify
06. Painted Picture
07. You Fucked Me Around (Here)
08. Tell Me Why
09. All Your Fault
10. Everyone Smokes Weed But Fisher
11. Bonus
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