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Geeks — Discography

The Geeks were formed in 1999 by schoolmates Seo Kiseok (vocalist) and Kang Junsung (guitarist), shortly after discovering the existence of Korean punk through the Our Nation compilation put out by Drug Records. The Geeks is an influential hardcore punk band from South Korea. They are one of Korea’s first hardcore punk bands and also the nation’s first band to introduce youth crew and straight edge hardcore. They are the first Korean hardcore band to tour the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Due to their extensive travels and organizing overseas tours in Korea, they are one of Korea’s most-disseminated bands, being widely known around the world in their own niche genre.
Remember when hardcore bands sang about important topics and cared about what they said? Well, some still do and, sometimes, you have to look around the world to find them. THE GEEKS is that band. Prior to 2005, THE GEEKS had appeared on compilations within the United States along with the worldwide distribution of their discography CD on Townhall Records which helped introduce the band to the western world.
The release of their EP on Think Fast! Records entitled «What’s Inside» solidified the band as one of the most sincere hardcore acts in the world today. In 2006, they took America by storm with an incredibly uplifting and inspiring tour which brought them all over the east coast with OUTBREAK and DOWN TO NOTHING and then to the west coast. Hardcore kids flocked to the shows as THE GEEKS established a reputation for their fun live shows which are free of the meathead bullshit that plagues the hardcore scene today. THE GEEKS is to Asia what YOUTH OF TODAY was to American Hardcore. They built a generation of positive hardcore in their country and traveled the world with their message.

Artist: Geeks
Album: From The Start
Year: 2004
Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: South Korea, Seoul
Quality: mp3, 128 kbps
Size: 53,74 MB
01. What We Believe
02. Let It Die / Live Free
03. See It Through
04. Still I Stay The Same
05. Together As One
06. Find The Truth
07. The Chosen Way Crew
08. Once Again
09. My Scene
10. See This
11. One Spirit
12. Never Forget
13. Find The Truth
14. Respect
15. Still Afraid
16. Fight
17. Youth Inside / Straight Edge Pride
18. As One
19. See This
20. Punks For All
21. Liar
22. Can’t Close My Eyes
23. One Two Three Four
24. Stand Up For Your Rights
25. If The Kids Are United
26. One Spirit
27. Find The Truth
28. One Spirit
29. Can’t Close My Eyes
30. Youth Inside / Straight Edge Pride
31. Never Forget
32. Respect
33. Face Together
34. Fight

Artist: Geeks
Album: What’s Inside (EP)
Year: 2005
Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: South Korea, Seoul
Quality: mp3, VBR 223 kbps
Size: 14,61 MB
01. Break The Shell
02. Still I Stay The Same
03. As We Speak
04. The Value’s Here
05. What’s Inside

Artist: Geeks
Album: Every Time We Fall
Year: 2007
Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: South Korea, Seoul
Quality: mp3, VBR 221 kbps
Size: 30,08 MB
01. Open Your Eyes
02. What We Believe
03. Appreciation
04. Let It Fade
05. See It Through
06. My Foundation
07. Respect
08. As We Speak
09. Pushed Aside
10. What It Takes
11. Search
12. Every Time We Fall

Artist: Geeks
Album: Still Not In This Alone
Year: 2014
Genre: Hardcore Punk / sXe
Country: South Korea, Seoul
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 58,69 MB
01. Statement
02. Losing End
03. Defining Moments (These 6 Strings Through Our Lives)
04. I Still Believe
05. Staring Into The Sun
06. 17th May
07. Search For Your Verse
08. This Is It
09. Our Generation
10. Worth Dying For
11. Suffering, Changing, D Growing
12. Light In The Dark