FNC Diverzant — Discography

FNC Diverzant is indisputably the name of the Croatian underground punk. Their music influenced a number of generations who built their tastes through their music and created their own identity. For more than two decades, they have been in the original setting until today. The shelter in the Dugave district, where they spent the last 20 years trying to keep them, has left an indelible mark, both creatively and personally, and precisely this story devotes to its upcoming second independent album «Stanica Dugave». The song «Strange Tales» has just been released, while the complete album is released on March 11th.

These quartz punkers have performed at many concerts and festivals, among which are the cult pulp Monte Paradiso, Orto punk in Slovenia, Dirty Old festival and Punk Romantic. With texts on humanity’s everyday life, love, problems and dilemmas of a small man, and with his melodic and punk-like sound, he is one of the last punk romantics of these spaces that have always worked at least a compromise during his career, firmly determined to remain his own forever.

Artist: FNC Diverzant
Album: Prvi Jubilarni
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2003
Country: Croatia, Zagreb
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 74,92 MB
Site: https://www.facebook.com/FNC-diverzant-232260470146811
01. Psiho
02. Kažeš da bi htjela
03. S vremena na vrijeme
04. Kraj
05. Stari punxi
06. Izgubljen
07. Biba
08. Na jednom plesu
09. Ideš mala
10. NDS
11. Svijetlim u tišini
12. Zadnja epizoda
13. Slike
14. Blizu sunca

Artist: FNC Diverzant
Album: Stanica Dugave
Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 2019
Country: Croatia, Zagreb
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 55,69 MB
Site: https://www.facebook.com/FNC-diverzant-232260470146811
01. U Tebi Je Razlog
02. Budi Moja
03. Nitko Kao On
04. Ajde Stari
05. Čudne Priče
06. Dihtung Glave
07. Sjaj Mog Grada
08. D-Generacija
09. Ne, Ne, Ne
10. Nemam Snage
11. Zajedno

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