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Fast Forward — Discography

The music, the message, the passion! If one element went missing, I would not call it hardcore/punk. Thanks to it all, we feel we belong to the scene. It is the energetic music, raw, though not devoid of melody; the lively, energetic concerts, where no boundaries exist between the musicians and the audience, where anybody can grab the mic and, together with us, scream out the words that they agree with. It is the idea that inspires us to take action. We are not looking for «fans» in the traditional rock’n’roll meaning. Through our music, we want to attract people who share our approach and see that there is more to it all than just sounds.

Hardcore / Punk is not only about music but also about the message that stimulates critical thinking. we do not feel we are the right people to tackle complex topics related to world affairs. Our lyrics centre around «not-so-serious politcs», the issue of interpersonal relations, everyday decisions and their consequences. We believe that it is our decisions which we make each and every day that mean more to the world than major politics. It’s all about having a positive outlook on life and treating people and the environment with respect.
Fast forward is also a DIY band; we believe in the do-it-yourself approach. everything connected with this band is the fruit of our work and the courtesy and help of our friends. we have always associated hardcore/punk with passion and actions which come from individual initiatives, people connected to the scene and not with big business. fast forward is our contribution to the scene.
Fast Forward — 2008 — Fast Forward (EP)
Fast Forward — 2010 — At The Peak
Band: Fast Forward
Genre: Hardcore Punk
Quality: 192 — 200 (VBR) kbps
Country: Poland, Warsaw
Size: 44 mb