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Dirty Artichokes — Discography

Genre: Celtic Punk
Country: Italy, Torino 

The origins of Dirty Artichokes see four cousins from time to time trying to have fun by strumming. The thing takes shape when they are joined together by other elements; one thing is certain, the basic idea is Irish music and the goal is to be able to combine it with more modern instruments and rock and punk sounds. Here, violin, mandolin, guitar and flute are combined with drums, bass and electric guitar, all dominated by a rough, drunken and aggressive voice: the Artichokes were born. Articioc, artichaut, artichokes, artiskok, artisjok, artischocke, artskocka. Starting from the Piedmontese, passing from French, English, Dutch and German to get to Swedish, the word artichoke is very similar in many European countries.

Likewise, Irish music today must not be sought only in the homeland that gave it its origin, but it has moved and spread throughout Europe and around the world, so much so that, even if the best traditional and genuine sound is recognized Irish doc, to find groups of modern irish (contaminated by rock, punk, metal, pop, folk from other countries) we must metaphorically travel the whole globe: Canada, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain and the United States (and the list would be still long). This explains the basic idea of the Dirty Artichokes: derive from the knowledge of a multitude of groups, even niche, a sound of their own, which despite a technique not in all cases excellent, is able to blow up and dance the listener and who plays.

Site: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyArtichokes
Support: https://dirtyartichokes.bandcamp.com

Dirty Artichokes — 2012 — My Empire Of Dirt

Year: 2012
Quality: mp3, 128 kbps
Size: 28,71 MB
01. Ordinary Tales Of Bastards and Bitches
02. 22 In The Belly of a Shark
03. Brighi’s March
04. Feet in the Mud
05. Land of Clovers
06. Anothe jug
07. I pay with vomit
08. 50 Fuck
09. Worm society
10. Last song

Dirty Artichokes — 2015 — Losco Pruzio

Year: 2015
Quality: mp3, VBR 279 kbps
Size: 59,09 MB
01. Roots
02. Railway Man
03. Eyes Cubes
04. Chinese Scarfan
05. Bella Italy
06. Freedom Lives On Mountains
07. Torn Strum
08. Speaking Skulls
09. Yodelcore