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Decline — Discography

Since the release of their debut album «I’m Not Gonna Lie to You» in 2010, Australian Skate-Punk band, The Decline, have grown to be a recognisable name in the international punk community. The release of their sophomore album “Are You Going To Eat That” in 2011, scored the band a headlining tour of Europe, a Japanese tour with Israeli pop-punkers Useless ID and So-Cal 90s super band Implants, and a coveted mid-afternoon spot at Soundwave Festival in Perth.

Soon after in early 2014, The Decline released the fully crowd-funded «Can I Borrow A Feeling» EP before jumping straight back into a heavy touring schedule.

Artist: Decline
Album: I’m Not Gonna Lie to You
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2010
Country: Australia, Perth
Playtime: 00:30:25
Size: 55,74 MB
Quality: 256 kbps
01. Putain de chaine alimentaire
02. I Killed the Trend Scene
03. Refujesus
04. You Died… Losing 16 Experience Points
05. Oh, F**k!
06. Conjunctivitis
07. Pope’d In the Eye
08. Good Gravy!
09. Homophobes Are Gay
10. Half a Beer
11. Sentience or Selfishness
12. Untitled
13. Radio Friendly


Artist: Decline
Album: Are You Gonna Eat That
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2011
Country: Australia, Perth
Playtime: 00:28:54
Size: 66,18 MB
Quality: 320 kbps
01. A Crash Course in Emotional English
02. Showertime In The Slammer
03. Excuse Me
04. $hit Yeah!!
05. You Call This A Happy Meal?
06. 66B
07. Human Exports
08. The Financial Equivalent Of A Complete Rectal Exam
09. Worlds Apart II
10. Rooftops
11. 2006
12. Addison

Artist: Decline
Album: Resister
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2015
Country: Australia, Perth
Playtime: 00:32:00
Size: 62,96 MB
Quality: 279 VBR kbps
01. New Again
02. Giving Up Is A Gateway Drug
03. I Don’t Believe
04. Almost Never Met You
05. The Blurst Of Times
06. You Call This A Holiday?
07. Camberwell Street
08. Broken Bones
09. Wrecking Ball
10. You’re Not The Waitress
11. Little Voices
12. Underworld Tour
13. Start Again