Deafness By Noise — 2018 — Roots Baby Roots

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Year: 2018
Country: Croatia, Samobor
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 92,39 MB
01. I’m The Hunted (G.B.H.)
02. World Peace (Cro-Mags)
03. Destroyer (Toxic Reasons)
04. I Love Livin’ In The City (Fear)
05. The Prisoner (D.O.A.)
06. Born To Suffer (Ratos De Porão)
07. Raw Power (Raw Power)
08. Stranglehold (U.K. Subs)
09. Sailin’ On (Bad Brains)
10. Here’s Your Warning (7 Seconds)
11. Broken Toy/This Is The End (S.N.F.U.)
12. No Rules (G.G. Allin)
13. Empty Tankard (Tankard)
14. The Prisoner (Demo Version) (D.O.A.)
15. Stranglehold (Demo Version) (U.K. Subs)
16. Dance Hard Or Die (Demo Version) (Warzone)
17. I Remember (Demo Version) (M.D.C.)

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