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Chaser — Discography

It all started in the drummer’s garage at the end of 2000, four children from Orange County began to play music that influenced their lives. Initially, the band played Mike LeDonne, who was the pioneer and main ideologist of the gang, and his three high school friends: AJ Latteri, Josh Millikan and Mike Denning. After Mike Denning moved to Hawaii to continue studying at another school, the task of playing the guitar and vocals fell to Mike Ledonna. Soon, Chaser began to actively promote their name and music in Orange County, LA, San Diego, Riverside, Arizona and Las Vegas, and with each concert the number of their fans grew.
By the end of 2002, an old friend from the Nate Warner school was brought into the band to pick up the guitar, and then Mike was fully able to concentrate on the vocals. And such a composition was until 2006, when Cameron Denning and Jesse Stopnitzky joined the group. Chaser does everything to contribute to the punk scene and to enhance its stay on it. Their concerts are filled with energy and emotion, thus the guys have earned a reputation as one of the best and workable groups in Orange County, and they are also patrons for other local young bands. All its concerts and tours Chaser organizes on their own DIY.
Chaser — 2003 — In Control
Chaser — 2006 — Numb America
Chaser — 2010 — The Big Picture
Chaser — 2011 — Accion (EP)
Chaser — 2013 — Garage Years
Chaser — 2018 — Sound The Sirens
Band: Chaser
Genre: Punk Rock
Quality: 128-320 kbps
Country: USA, Orange County
Size: 416 mb