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Capital — Discography

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: USA, Lindenhurst, NY

The Eastern seaboard has continuously provided a hotbed of influences from which to harvest for punk rock bands from Long Island. Notably it’s melodic hardcore that’s one of the strongest and most prolific styles that’s prevailed, and how. None of the bands have quite achieved legendary status within the underground but outside of their region, maybe for a lack of originality even for the style being executed, but we always invest hope in those new guns that come along. The question is likely to be raised with Capital, who feature ex-Silent Majority vocalist Tommy Corrigan in his newest project, and one that offers a healthy look into mid-`90s melodic hardcore. While there will be many doubts for their notoriety gaining any massive heights due to a seemingly strict no-touring / local show only ethos, it definitely seems that they deserve it based on the musical chops of their 9-song debut, Signal Corps.

Socially relevant punk rock taking cues from Avail, Lifetime, and the best aspects of the aforementioned Silent Majority. Corrigan waxes punk poetic on pieces like «Goth ‘N Roll,» a vicious indictment upon mass marketed Warped Tour «underground» rock («And when the lights come on, and the corporate dust will settle / will there still be a place for ‘goth inspired emo mosh metal?'»), and «Wolverines,» descriptions of a childhood practically haunted by army recruiters and the violence they wished to bring him into. Many bands of this style tend to be slapped with praise for embracing solid song structure and melody all the while retaining some aggression and meaningful, updated lyrical content, and Capital are no less deserving.

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Capital — 2006 — Signal Corps

Year: 2006
Quality: mp3, VBR 260 kbps
Size: 50,84 MB
01. Transunion
02. Snakes In Disguise
03. Early Nineties
04. The Grudge
05. New Highway
06. Goth ‘n Roll
07. Meanwhile, Back In La
08. Emergency Broadcast
09. Wolverines

Capital — 2007 — Homefront

Year: 2007
Quality: mp3, VBR 209 kbps
Size: 43,73 MB
01. Flood Gates
02. Live Damnit, Live
03. Crossroads
04. Procrastination
05. Rubberface
06. Dead Children
07. On A Mission
08. Disclaimer
09. Mosh Parts
10. Gold Coast
11. 250 32nd
12. Oakdale Merge
13. Homefront

Capital — 2011 — Givers Takers

Year: 2011
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 62,49 MB
01. Green (with envy)
02. Road rash
03. I am anonymous
04. Youth culture
05. Southern air
06. Kennel
07. Three weeks in the desert
08. Conspiracy theories
09. Little pill
10. Cold and gray
11. Grifters
12. Bog road