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Beans — Discography

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: Netherlands, Groningen
Beans was formed in February 1996, they started out as a cover band. Covering songs from Operation Ivy, Rancid and Choking Victim to hone their musical skills which were then basically non-existent (Sander and Ronald had picked up the guitar just a few months earlier). After a year their bassplayer left the band due to a lack of motivation. So Ronald, Sander en Bikkel decided to go on with just the three of them. They were still covering their all time favourites and never expected to leave the practice room to do a show. But someone asked them to play a show for some people he knew. For this show he needed a name to be put on the flyer. In a hurry Sander, Bikkel and Ronald decided to call their band ‘Beans’. After that they played some more Beans shows and people started to recognize the name. So they were stuck with the name. Two weeks before this first show, Blok told them that he would love to play the bassguitar in their band. Blok had never played the bassguitar before. Blok never left.

After three years of playing shows they decided to record their first full length album ‘weapons of the weak’. They recorded it in two days. All their friends liked the album so much that they decided to send a copy of it to a large dutch metal/punk/hardcore magazine just for fun. Onno cromag (a reviewer for the magazine and something of a Hardcore/punk guru) recieved it. After hearing it he gave the band a phonecall, because he was shocked about the high quality of the album. He had also called his friend Laurens, founder of the Belgian hardcore/punk label I-Scream Records and let him hear some songs via the telephone. He immediately offered them a deal to release two BEANS albums. They recorded the second album ‘C’mon, Get it on!!!’ in february 2000.
A year after ‘Weapons of the weak’, again 16 songs, again Menno Bakker. It took two and a half day to record ‘C’mon’. After this release things started to take off and they went on to play more and more shows, some of them with major bands like Dropkick Murphys, U.S. Bombs Oxymoron and Bombshell Rocks among others. In the spring of 2001 their friends from ANTIDOTE asked them to go on a european tour with them, which, of course, they did. Their third CD ‘SO IT GOES’ was recorded at the end of september 2001, again by Menno Bakker, but due to unexpected delay it didn’t hit the shelves until june 2002. The band hit the road again when the record came out and did a small, self-booked european tour. What the new record may further bring the band only time can tell.


Beans — 1999 — Weapons Of The Weak

Year: 1999
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 42,89 MB
01. Businessman
02. 40 Hours
03. Step Out Of Line
04. Bulletproof
05. Let’s Riot
06. Innocent Victims
07. Try
08. Back Off
09. America Today
10. Reject
11. Caught
12. Kick
13. Join The Dance
14. Own Truth
15. Enemy
16. Forced To Violate

Beans — 2000 — C’mon Get It On!

Year: 2000
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 45,01 MB
01. Heroes Of The Street
02. Can’t Back Down
03. It Died
04. What’s Going On
05. Hatred
06. Beautiful World
07. Going Down
08. Allright
09. Ghosttown
10. No More Time
11. Out Of My Way
12. When It All Comes Down
13. I Know
14. Kicked Out
15. C’mon Get It On
16. Cornered

Beans — 2002 — So It Goes

Year: 2002
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 47,58 MB
01. Machine
02. No Destination
03. Don’t Judge Me
04. Cold Hearted
05. My Generation
06. Carry On
07. Drop Dead
08. Can’t Tell You
09. This Town
10. Hating Men
11. Fuck Off
12. Responsibility
13. Falling Back
14. Destructive
15. Can’t Trust ‘Em
16. The Way To Go

Beans — 2006 — Sundown

Year: 2006
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 86,44 MB
01. Radio Silence
02. Tomorrow
03. Halos
04. Circular Reasoning
05. Hey Now, What Now
06. When Governments Clash
07. Answers
08. My Reaction
09. Bad Plan
10. Only Natural
11. Set Sail
12. Down The Line
13. Sundown