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All Star Assassins — Discography

Genre: Pop Punk
Country: Canada, Kamloops

All Star Assassins formed in the spring of 2002 when members of The Hextalls found themselves on a prolonged hiatus. The band was formed by original Hextalls’ members Nicole Houldcroft (Drums), Jeremy Patch (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and longtime friend Dennon Stein (Bass, Vocals). They decided carry the pop-punk torch and began by rocking out old Hextalls’ tunes. Eventually they began writing new rock n’ roll songs and after a few months of jamming as a three piece they decided that they needed a second guitar to fill out the sound.

After careful consideration the threesome chose a local player by the name of Kevin Schneider. Months flew by, and the sound of the band started to take on a whole new shape. The band was soon met by a new challenge when Nicole decided to leave the band to pursue her education in the nearby city of Vancouver. Not wanting to call it quits, the band found a rock drummer by the name of Matt Pelling. It was only a couple of months after Matt joined that the guys decided to head to the studio.

All Star Assassins — 2006 — Funeral Sex Army

Year: 2006
Quality: mp3, VBR 179 kbps
Size: 34,26 MB
01. With a Fist
02. Year 2000
03. Better Off Asleep
04. Sorry
05. Happy Coming Along
06. Pop Rock
07. Jerry Mitchell
08. Slug
09. Wasting Time
10. Sober Up
11. Domestic Dispute
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All Star Assassins — 2007 — Toe Tag Time In Teen Town Tonight

Year: 2008
Quality: mp3, VBR 188 kbps
Size: 52,22 MB
01. Intro
02. I Don’t Wanna Talk About It
03. Hollywood
04. Xenia Seeburg
05. Wake Me Up
06. Girls
07. Jeremy Goes To The Movies
08. It’s On
09. Song For Naysayers
10. NWD4
11. I’m Telling You
12. O.M.G. (I Hate You)
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