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Agnostic Front — Discography

Genre: Hardcore
Country: USA, New York City, NY

Agnostic Front is an American hardcore punk band from New York City. Founded in 1980, the band is considered an important influence to the New York hardcore scene, as well as for pioneering the crossover thrash genre. Formed by guitarist Vinnie Stigma (born Vincent Capuccio, formerly of the Eliminators) in December 1980, with Diego on bass and Rob Krekus on drums. Agnostic Front went through several singers, two of them being John Watson and Jimmy «The Mad Russian», before settling with Roger Miret (former bass player of The Psychos). They soon added Ray Barbieri, aka Raybeez, on drums and Adam Mucci on bass. Their debut EP, United Blood, released in 1983 on an indie label, has since become a collector’s item.

The follow-up, Victim in Pain (1984), is regarded as a seminal New York hardcore release. Dave Jones replaced Raybeez on drums, and Rob Kabula took over on bass. In 1984, Jimmy «The Kid» Colletti from Justified Violence joined on drums when the band went to tour with The Exploited later that year. The album pushed the band to the forefront of New York’s fledgling hardcore scene, which was centered around CBGB, where they played with bands like Cro-Mags and Murphy’s Law. Roger Miret asserts that all the songs on the album «are totally inspired by the streets of New York and my life and what was going on with my friends. It was dangerous. We did what we had to do to survive by any means necessary. It was like a war or a battlefield, and we stood our ground». 1986’s Cause for Alarm was a difficult album to record, due to constant line-up changes and personnel problems. Released on Combat Records, it added thrash metal influences. With other bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Stormtroopers of Death, this album would mark AF’s foray into the world of crossover thrash. It also featured some lyrics written by Peter Steele and drumming by Louie Beateaux.

With yet another new line-up, the band soon released Liberty and Justice for… in 1987. The album featured stripped down punk with a lack of thrash influences, yet it contained many metal-style guitar solos. It did not sell nearly as well as previous releases. Sometime later, Miret was arrested on drug charges after releasing a live album, and spent his time in prison writing new songs while Stigma and the band toured Europe for the first time. The lyrics written by Miret while incarcerated formed most of 1992’s One Voice, which featured members of Madball and Sick of It All. Not long after its release, the band decided to call it quits. Their last show was at CBGB on December 20, 1992; Last Warning, which was also released with United Blood EP on the end of the release.

Stigma and Miret reformed Agnostic Front in May 1996 and did a few reunion shows in December 1996, signing to Epitaph Records and recruiting Jimmy Colletti on drums and Rob Kabula on bass, who was playing with Against The Grain at the time. Their latest venture was titled Something’s Gotta Give. In 1999, they followed up with Riot, Riot, Upstart. They also won an MTV award for the title track music video. Their comeback albums have sold well and been mostly acclaimed by music critics for their pure hardcore punk sound.

In 2001, they released the album Dead Yuppies. Songs from this album were rarely played live, as the band considered it more a product of Loved and Hated, Jimmy Colletti’s side-project band. In 2002, Miret worked on a side-project band, Roger Miret and the Disasters, looking for a sound akin to old school punk rock and oi!. Also that year, the band appeared in Matthew Barney’s film, Cremaster 3 along with Murphy’s Law. Agnostic Front came out in 2004 with Another Voice. The album was regarded mainly as a follow-up to One Voice. The album, however, did receive some criticism from fans and the press for apparently changing their music to fit the current wave of ‘tough guy’ bands. Musically, the album bears resemblance to bands that were heavily influenced by Agnostic Front, such as Hatebreed. Miret’s vocals on the album particularly seemed to turn off many less hardcore punk-oriented fans. Later, the track «Peace» was contributed to the mash-up album Threat: Music That Inspired The Movie, where it was remixed by Schizoid and renamed «World At War.»

On March 7, 2006, Agnostic Front released their long-awaited DVD «Live at CBGB». This follows the efforts of many bands that tried to save CBGB from shutting down. Even though Miret claims that «We played more shows at CBGB than any band ever, and we played more benefit shows for CBGB than any band ever» when the club did close, most nostalgia focused on 1970s punk bands. On November 6, 2007, Agnostic Front released the album Warriors with the hit «For My Family» which was largely a continuation of the band’s crossover thrash sound. In 2015, the band released the album The American Dream Died via Nuclear Blast Records which consisted mostly of the bands older style of music with a modern touch. The band continued to tour extensively in Europe as well as the U.S. in support of the record.

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Agnostic Front — 1984 — Victim In Pain

Year: 1984
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 38,05 MB
01. Victim In Pain
02. Remind Them
03. Blind Justice
04. Last Warning
05. United & Strong
06. Power
07. Hiding Inside
08. Fascist Attitudes
09. Society Sucker
10. Your Mistake
11. With Time

Agnostic Front — 1986 — Cause For Alarm

Year: 1986
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 59,41 MB
01. The Eliminator
02. Existence Of Hate
03. Time Will Come
04. Growing Concern
05. Your Mistake
06. Out For Blood
07. Toxic Shock
08. Bomber Zee
09. Public Assistance
10. Shoot His Load

Agnostic Front — 1987 — Liberty & Justice For

Year: 1987
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 62,01 MB
01. Liberty & Justice
02. Crucial Moment
03. Strength
04. Genesis
05. Anthem
06. Another Side
07. Happened Yesterday
08. Lost
09. Hypocrisy
10. Crucified
11. Censored

Agnostic Front — 1992 — One Voice

Year: 1992
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 84,17 MB
01. New Jack
02. One Voice
03. Infiltrate
04. The Tombs
05. Your Fall
06. Over The Edge
07. Undertow
08. Now & Then
09. Crime Without Sin
10. Retaliate
11. Force Feed
12. Bastard

Agnostic Front — 1998 — Something’s Gotta Give

Year: 1998
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 78,85 MB
01. Something’s Gotta Give
02. Believe
03. Gotta Go
04. Before My Eyes
05. No Fear
06. Blinded
07. Voices
08. Do Or Die
09. My War
10. Bloodsucker
11. The Blame
12. Today, Tomorrow, Forever
13. Rage
14. Pauly The Dog
15. Crucified

Agnostic Front — 1999 — Riot Riot Upstart

Year: 1999
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 68,70 MB
01. Police State
02. I Had Enough
03. Riot Riot Upstart
04. Sit And Watch
05. Blood, Death & Taxes
06. Frustration
07. Sickness
08. Shadows
09. Nowhere To Go
10. Trust
11. My Life
12. It’s Time
13. Rock Star
14. Nothing’s Free
15. Price You Pay
16. Jailbreak
17. Bullet On Mott St.

Agnostic Front — 2001 — Dead Yuppies

Year: 2001
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 69,88 MB
01. I Wanna Know
02. Out Of Reach
03. Everybody’s A Critic
04. Liberty
05. Club Girl
06. Uncle Sam
07. Urban Decadence
08. Love To Be Hated
09. No Mercy
10. Politician
11. Pedophile
12. Alright
13. Dead Yuppies
14. Standing On My Own

Agnostic Front — 2005 — Another Voice

Year: 2005
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 68,20 MB
01. Still Here
02. All Is Not Forgotten
03. Fall Of The Parasite
04. Pride, Faith, Respect
05. So Pure To Me
06. Dedication
07. Peace
08. Take Me Back
09. Hardcore! (The Definition)
10. Casualty Of The Times
11. No One Hears You
12. I Live It
13. It’s For Life
14. Another Voice

Agnostic Front — 2006 — Live At CBGB

Year: 2006
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 125,48 MB
01. Eliminator
02. New Jack
03. Victim In Pain
04. Your Mistake
05. Blind Justice
06. Last Warning
07. Strength
08. Crucified
09. All Is Not Forgotten
10. Peace
11. One Voice
12. Over The Edge
13. Friend Or Foe
14. Gotta Go
15. Riot Riot Upstart
16. Police State
17. Undertow
18. Public Assistance
19. Anthem
20. So Pure To Me
21. Take Me Back

Agnostic Front — 2007 — Warriors

Year: 2007
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 78,61 MB
01. Addiction
02. Dead To Me
03. Outraged
04. Warriors
05. Black And Blue
06. Change Your Ways
07. For My Family
08. No Regrets
09. Revenge
10. We Want The Truth
11. By My Side
12. Come Alive
13. All These Years
14. Forgive Me Mother

Agnostic Front — 2011 — My Life My Way

Year: 2011
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 83,60 MB
01. City Streets
02. More Than A Memory
03. Us Against The World
04. My Life My Way
05. That’s Life
06. Self Pride
07. Until The Day I Die
08. Now And Forever
09. The Sacrifice
10. A Mi Manera
11. Your Worst Enemy
12. Empty Dreams
13. Time Has Come

Agnostic Front — 2015 — The American Dream Died

Year: 2015
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 64,74 MB
01. Intro
02. The American Dream Died
03. Police Violence
04. Only In America
05. Test Of Time
06. We Walk The Line
07. Never Walk Alone
08. Enough Is Enough
09. I Can’t Relate
10. Old New York
11. Social Justice
12. Reasonable Doubt
13. No War Fuck You
14. Attack!
15. A Wise Man
16. Just Like Yesterday

Agnostic Front — 2019 — Get Loud!

Year: 2019
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 69,33 MB
01. Spray Painted Walls
02. Anti-Social
03. Get Loud!
04. Conquer and Divide
05. I Remember
06. Dead Silence
07. Af Stomp
08. Urban Decay
09. Snitches Get Stitches
10. Isolated
11. In My Blood
12. Attention
13. Pull the Trigger
14. Devastated