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5 Days Off — Discography

Five Days Off (5 Days Off) is a melodic skate punk band from Belgium.
Since the release of their debut album ‘Ripping The Field’ on Funtime Records in 2000, Five Days off has been constantly touring, playing shows or recording.

Their infectious, fastforward melodic punkrock with some hard rockin’ influences was brought to several European countries. Five Days Off did several European tours, including one as support for the Swedish Adhesive and a full month tour with labelmates Shandon (Italy) and the German band Skin of Tears.
Their first album was also released on the Canadian New Horizon Records and the band did a headlining tour through Canada in 2001.
Enter 2002, Five Days off records the follow up album ‘Coast To Cost’ with Patrick Delabie and the catchy choruses, great melodies and fast punkrock took the band to an even higher plan.
They were invited to play at various festivals like Pukkelpop, Rock Herk, Groezrock , Marktrock Leuven and many, many others. Being good friends with that other big punk rock band from Belgium – Flatcat — they decided to team up for a split cd and start recording at De Studio in the fall of 2003. The result was released in 2004.
Five Days Off released their last CD, «Deerfoot Trail» in 2005. They called it «a new sound and approach».
In the years surrounding «Deerfoot Trail» the band continued touring Europe and supported Belvedere through Canada.

Artist: 5 Days Off
Album: Ripping The Field
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2000
Country: Belgium, Brugge
Playtime: 00:28:16
Size: 25,91 MB
Quality: 128 kbps
Site: https://myspace.com/5daysoff
01. The Next Level
02. Pretty Shy (For A Fly Guy)
03. 42 Seconds Of…
04. Sold Out
05. Peas and Carrots
06. Counting Sheep
07. The Coming Man
08. Selfish
09. Senseless Swine
10. No Radio No Love
11. Lost Confidence
12. Disco-mmunication

Artist: 5 Days Off
Album: Coast To Coast
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2002
Country: Belgium, Brugge
Playtime: 00:30:19
Size: 41,69 MB
Quality: 192 kbps
Site: https://myspace.com/5daysoff
01. Right time wrong humans
02. Day by day
03. Checkmate
04. The Sequal
05. Beat about the bush
06. Randy
07. Remote Control
08. White puff junkies
09. Out of space
10. She left the building
11. Same old song
12. Young till I die

Artist: 5 Days Off
Album: Deerfoot Trail
Genre: Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Year: 2005
Country: Belgium, Brugge
Playtime: 00:38:16
Size: 76,72 MB
Quality: 286 VBR kbps
Site: https://myspace.com/5daysoff
01. So long farewell
02. Careless nameless faces
03. Ever since that day
04. Someone something
05. A peaceful oasis
06. Subtitles
07. All alone
08. The ship
09. Timekeeper
10. Search and identify
11. Coincidence
12. About the world